Completed Projects

Project of the Month: Miami

Welcome to Sunshine Parade... Our latest project on the Gold Coast is a beautifully classic build, located just 200 metres from the surf and sand of Miami beach. Architecturally designed by Kenton Cox and brought to life by our expert building team, this double-storey duplex project is an absolute delight.…
Amanda Cordner
May 18, 2020

Step Inside the Gold Coast’s Coolest Renovated Hostel

One of the things we love most about the building industry is that each and every project is different, with unique challenges and individual requirements. It keeps us on our toes and makes every day interesting here at Cunningham Constructions! Our latest project in Surfers Paradise was no different…This project…
Michael Cunningham
February 20, 2020

10 Interior Design Tips for 2020

Are you looking to build your dream home in 2020? Before you lock in the final design, it can be good to check out what interior design trends are emerging or expected to materialise in the coming months. After all, you don’t want to miss out on something unique that…
Michael Cunningham
November 25, 2019

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Building A New Home

Are you building a new home? Building a custom new home can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but the process is also filled with pitfalls. There are many questions you’ll need to ask yourself. What does your lifestyle look like in the future? Will your family be growing?…
Michael Cunningham
October 11, 2019

Why You Should Incorporate Timber into Your New Home

Timber has long been a favoured building material for homes. However, with new technologies and building design options, it is being used less often than ever before. At Cunningham Constructions, we love timber and hope to enlighten you on its various uses and why many people use it for building…
Michael Cunningham
September 30, 2019

What makes a Hamptons home?

The Hamptons may be the preferred holiday destination of many tired New Yorkers, but it also happens to be one of the most popular residential building styles in Australia, thanks to its relaxed and light-filled aesthetic. If you’re looking to build in the Hamptons style in 2019, there are plenty…
Michael Cunningham
July 19, 2019