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Introducing Curves to Your Home Design

While clean sleek lines have been popular in interior design over the past few years, in 2021 it’s all about curves! We’re seeing more and more clients introducing curves into their homes to create a soft, modern look and feel. This trend can be applied across various aspects of home…
Sea Salt
March 22, 2021

Design Trends to Look Out For in 2021

We’ve long said goodbye to tiled benchtops, fully wallpapered rooms and linoleum flooring, but 2021 brings with it a new set of trends to look out for in home design. At Cunningham Constructions, we’ve found the role of the home has evolved and adapted drastically over the last 12 months…
Sea Salt
February 23, 2021

5 Elements of a Luxury Kitchen

Luxury kitchens are no longer a far-fetched dream as present-day designs reach new levels of sophistication without compromising functionality. The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home that can affect many parts of your lifestyle. Having elements of luxury will transform your kitchen from purely utilitarian…
Sea Salt
January 20, 2021
Outdoor Living

Which Swimming Pool is Right for Your Home?

A swimming pool is not a one-size-fits-all addition to a home. Just as each and every home should be unique and custom to suit a client’s lifestyle and block of land, so should a pool. Before you decide on a pool, you should think about your objectives and what you…
Sea Salt
November 12, 2020

Would You Build with Your Neighbours?

Q&A with Jessica Smith, from our Dawn Renovation The perfect way to develop a detailed insight into the process of designing and building a home is straight from the source – the homeowner. So, this month we thought we’d check in with our current client Jessica Smith, who’s duplex project…
Sea Salt
November 3, 2020

Why Builders Ask Your Budget

Why is it necessary for a builder to know your budget? It’s a common query that crosses the mind early on in the planning process, even if you don’t want to say the words aloud. The question can feel confronting and to disclose this may feel unsettling, but it is…
September 24, 2020

What to Consider When Building a Home Office

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s to be prepared and ready to adapt, especially in our homes. One of the things many Australians have had to adapt to in 2020 is working from home. While this does come with plenty of perks, there are also downsides,…
Amanda Cordner
June 22, 2020
Completed Projects

Project of the Month: Miami

Welcome to Sunshine Parade... Our latest project on the Gold Coast is a beautifully classic build, located just 200 metres from the surf and sand of Miami beach. Architecturally designed by Kenton Cox and brought to life by our expert building team, this double-storey duplex project is an absolute delight.…
Amanda Cordner
May 18, 2020