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Luxury kitchens are no longer a far-fetched dream as present-day designs reach new levels of sophistication without compromising functionality. The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home that can affect many parts of your lifestyle.

Having elements of luxury will transform your kitchen from purely utilitarian to a space of sleek sophistication. The following five elements are essential to designing a kitchen that can elevate your home to another level of luxury.

1. Butler’s pantry

A butler’s pantry is the new signifier of an architectural kitchen. By delivering increased functionality and providing ample storage, the butler’s pantry is the perfect place to hide away all the clutter of commonly used cooking appliances. You will also notice increased flow and reduced congestion in your main kitchen area.

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2. Stone benchtops

Your benchtop can be a piece of functional art with the unique choice of stone and marble benchtops. Each piece, combined with seamless bespoke joinery, can provide a distinguished elegant aesthetic.

This month in collaboration with Hot Rock Granite, we saw the installation of a beautiful Calacatta Classico stone benchtop from YDL Stone at our Kallay Street project in Miami. This choice of benchtop complements and accentuates the natural timber cabinetry for maximum visual appeal.

Image from our Kallay Street project

3. Wine fridge

When it comes to appliance sophistication, look no further than the wine fridge. It is the definition of absolute luxury and you’ll always be primed for entertaining guests if you integrate a wine fridge into your kitchen design.

If you aren’t planning to store a large amount of wine and believe space to be an issue, we suggest a slimline model – which can fit on average 6-10 bottles. This can be built into your main cabinetry to conserve space.

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4. Glass or tiled splashback

The kitchen splashback has recently regained momentum and is now a must-have feature.

An option you may consider is the glass splashback which is currently at the height of its popularity for the low maintenance yet modern and sleek look. It appears free-flowing (no joints) and reflects light for a bigger and brighter kitchen. We highly recommend opting for a Switch Glass splashback, which allows you to switch between frosted and clear glass.

The tiled splashback has also made a resurgence as options for customisation have increased twofold. A versatile yet classic look can be created through the use of tiles as you can modify placement, colour, size, texture and shape. Different patterns and even statement tiles are becoming more common and available at your disposal.

Image from our Albicore project

5. Modern fixtures

An architectural kitchen should always have fittings and fixtures of the highest quality with both form and function in mind.

A smart oven is a modern fixture that transcends the average appliance as it can be controlled remotely from your smartphone or tablet. It allows you to control the oven while out and about, from turning it on and off, preheating, adjusting temperature settings and timers and watching your food cook.

Another recommended fixture is the Billi Tap, a premium instant filtered water system that can provide you with a combination of boiling, chilled, sparkling and still water to suit all your needs. With a sleek slimline design, the Billi Tap can provide your kitchen with the latest features for functional luxury.

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The execution of a luxury kitchen can be daunting but the rewards upon completion are definitely worth the investment.

Should you be ready to craft a luxury kitchen in your new Gold Coast custom home, get in touch with Michael and the team at Cunningham Constructions today.

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