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We’ve long said goodbye to tiled benchtops, fully wallpapered rooms and linoleum flooring, but 2021 brings with it a new set of trends to look out for in home design.

At Cunningham Constructions, we’ve found the role of the home has evolved and adapted drastically over the last 12 months — not only do we live and unwind in our homes, we now also work, exercise and even escape in them.

We expect this change and more will continue to shape home design in 2021. Keep reading to discover the key home design trends you should be looking out for this year.

Adaptable spaces that can be changed based on needs

The year 2020 saw many people learn the hard way that having the kitchen, home office, playroom and living room all in the one space perhaps wasn’t the best option. In 2021, open floor plans will be traded in for convertible living spaces that can easily change from open sitting areas to separate rooms, through sliding doors and private screens.

In saying that, a kitchen that doubles as an open living area to entertain family and friends is a key requirement. With home entertaining an increasingly popular option, entertainment areas are being made to feel warm and welcoming, as well as functional.

The home office is here to stay

Home offices aren’t going anywhere in 2021 as many people transition to more permanent working from home set ups. This year comes with the option to bring more joy and cheer into the home office – we expect to see a rise in design accents here, from bold rugs to statement chairs.

Windows and functional lighting have also become a key factor for spaces, as video calls become a regular part of many people’s schedule. Can’t control your lighting? Plantation shutters mean you can filter the daylight coming into the room, particularly if your home office is north facing.

A bright, light home office is the perfect place to think and create, and 2021 will see it firmly established as a staple in the modern home.

Brick will be making a comeback

Bricks are back! More and more clients are seeing the value in investing in beautiful building materials for the long-term structural integrity of a home and thanks to innovative manufacturing technologies, this once-humble building material has been recast to take a starring role in modern homes.

Original and painted bricks can bring character, texture and warmth to both the interior and exterior of your home. Even better, reusing old bricks is a win-win.

Colour is key 

This year’s colour palettes are all about minimising the stress of modern life, while helping to calm the mind. Natural shades like soft browns, subtle greys and calming blues are easy on the eye and can be used in different ways to create distinct moods.

We’re also looking to Pantone’s Colors of the Year – Illuminating and Ultimate Gray – which we expect to see used throughout new homes this year.

Access to the outdoors 

If 2020 taught us anything, it was the importance of outdoor access. Outdoor living spaces are no longer just a place to enjoy downtime – they have become a space of productivity as more people are working and learning remotely.

As more people begin to entertain at home, alfresco areas both big and small are being completely reimagined. Fire pits are particularly popular for the upcoming winter months and cosy outdoor furnishings are being used to create spaces for relaxing, entertaining and working.


Looking to build a new home that draws upon 2021’s hottest building trends? Our team can help. Get in touch with Cunningham Constructions today!

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