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Skylights are becoming a must-have item in the modern home. Not only does a skylight bring natural light, warmth and a feeling of spaciousness into your home, it can even add value to your property – an important factor should you plan to sell in future.

But before you get carried away purchasing and installing your skylight of choice, there’s plenty of information you’ll need to understand first. Read on to discover everything you need to know when considering a skylight.

Where you position your skylight is crucial

Installing a skylight isn’t simply placing it anywhere you like on the ceiling and hoping for the best outcome. It needs to be a methodical process, as a skylight has the potential to completely change the look, feel and temperature of your room. For instance, if one half of your living area lacks access to natural light, positioning your skylight on that side will make the room feel more balanced and inviting, with light able to shine into every corner.

A skylight will impact your room’s exposure to natural light and heat

You may think this point is obvious – isn’t this what skylights are supposed to do!? But you need to recognise that installing a skylight in the wrong spot can make a room uncomfortably bright and hot. Make sure you consult with an experienced local builder on where you place your skylights – if glare might be an issue, it’s worth investing in tinted windows, filters or shades.

Different styles and shapes

There are two main skylight styles – flat, which are built from glass and generally rectangular in shape, or domed, which are frameless and made from plastic. As with most building materials, there are pros and cons to both options – domed skylights are easier to clean and maintain, but flat skylights are more durable.

You should also think about how the shape of your skylight will impact where the light travels in your home. If a skylight flares to the side, the light will spread out more, but those with straight sides will push light down in a more defined space.

Quality is key

Like many home products, the strength of a skylight comes down to the quality of the product and experience of the supplier. At Cunningham Constructions, we champion VELUX products in our high-end builds – one of Australia’s leading skylight suppliers.

VELUX has become a staple in luxury homes in the last 75 years, with their superior products designed for both pitched and flat roofs. They offer a wide and practical range, which includes solar-powered and electrical skylights.

Are you looking to include a skylight in your new Gold Coast custom home or duplex build? Get in touch with the team at Cunningham Constructions today.

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