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While clean sleek lines have been popular in interior design over the past few years, in 2021 it’s all about curves!

We’re seeing more and more clients introducing curves into their homes to create a soft, modern look and feel. This trend can be applied across various aspects of home design to create an interesting and dynamic aesthetic.

Read on to discover 4 ways you can introduce curves to your home design this year.

Curved Interior Walls

While certainly the most dramatic uses of the trend, this is also one of the most historic. Curved interior walls can be found in traditional Greek houses on islands like Mykonos and Santorini, and in modernist-style Italian homes, built in the 1970s.

Curved interiors create a cosy and warm atmosphere, as they remove the harshness of sharp corners and create a more cave-like feeling. They can also help create a vector which draws your eyes and attention to a focal point in the room, meaning curved interiors are perfect for communal spaces like living rooms and dining spaces.

Curved furnishings

If you’re looking for a more subtle application of this trend (that can be changed as time goes on), you can’t go wrong with curved furnishings. This could be in the form of plush chairs and couches, bench seating, banquettes, ottomans or decorative items such as artwork and vases.

Curved furnishings will immediately soften a room with a stark colour palette (think whites and greys) or sharp lines. Incorporating curved and soft furnishings will also create a wonderful contrast with more severe materials like timber, marble and metal.

Curved benches

While block-like shapes once reigned supreme in the kitchen, were seeing more clients now more interested in unique shapes here – especially in the form of island benches. In an open-plan space, a curved kitchen island can become a focal point, drawing family and friends to the area to spend time. A curved benchtop can also be a clever way to make use of a tight or narrow space.

Our clients are not stopping at simple curves. Many of the rounded island benches were seeing feature textured surfaces crafted with unique materials that help create interest and add dynamism.

Curved brickwork

If you’re looking for to achieve a dramatic exterior that exudes elegance, curved brickwork may be for you. Curved brickwork can also be covered with cladding or render if you prefer a more seamless, modern design.

While more expensive and complex than a linear brick wall, the results are spectacular, eye-catching and completely unique. In a sea of square and rectangular houses your home will stand out as a refreshing and unique architectural marvel.


Are you considering incorporating curves in your new home design? Get in touch with the Gold Coast’s leading architectural builder, Cunningham Constructions, today!

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