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If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s to be prepared and ready to adapt, especially in our homes. One of the things many Australians have had to adapt to in 2020 is working from home. While this does come with plenty of perks, there are also downsides, especially when it comes to setting boundaries and remaining productive throughout the work day.

Working from home can mean a lot of distractions. The best way to combat these is to build a home office, so you have a designated space where you can work freely without disruption. But this isn’t all – you also need to ensure this office has some crucial key elements that help boost motivation and efficiency.

Understand the importance of lighting

Speak to many office workers and they’ll have a horror story about working in a cold, isolating office space with horrible fluorescent lighting. Light plays a crucial role in our wellness and mood, and this should be a major factor when considering the design of a home office.

You’ll want to make sure your office is located and designed to maximise exposure to the sun. But you’ll also want to ensure the room is outfitted with quality task lighting with dimming functions, so you can adjust light levels throughout your work day. If the room has direct exposure to the sun, you’ll also want to consider blinds or another cooling solution for those extra sunny Gold Coast days.

Furnish with ergonomics in mind

No one wants to be uncomfortable while working, and poor furniture can do terrible long-term damage to our bodies. Make sure you invest in quality, comfortable seating and a sturdy desk.

Work alongside your builder and designer to ensure the room is outfitted and arranged to suit the needs of a working space. Make sure considerations are made about electrical outlets and where is most functional to place them.

Outfit the space with lots of storage

Clutter and mess will interrupt your productivity; you want to stay organised and on top of your work, so make sure your office is outfitted with plenty of storage solutions such as filing cabinets, drawers and built-in shelves that will make organisation simple and easy.

Your storage should also factor in where you want to place your electronic devices, printers and other important equipment so it is accessible and easy to reach.

Prioritise privacy

You want your home office to be a quiet space where you can diligently work through your tasks with ease and without distraction. But you don’t want your office to morph into a place that you feel entrapped by, so don’t make it too isolating.

Think carefully about where is best for you to place your home office. Avoid placing your home office in the bedroom as it’s best to create boundaries between work and rest. We suggest somewhere that is close to the kitchen, so you’re encouraged to take your hard-earned lunch breaks.

Are you ready to build your dream home office on the Gold Coast? Get in touch with the expert team at Cunningham Constructions today!

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