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As our major Australian cites continue to expand, the space to build gets much smaller with increasingly difficult subdivisions to build on. But with a narrow lot comes a much more appealing price tag – all you have to do is get creative.

Narrow lots allow you to save money, add character through design, and get you on the right track to building that dream house you have always wanted.

  1. Build up not out

Are you concerned that your narrow block will impede on your outdoor space? With a two-storey home you won’t have to sacrifice that spacious master suite or that garden bed out in the yard.

As property developers continue to downsize into smaller lot sizes, it is difficult to maintain that indoor/outdoor balance. But by building up and not out, you already save plenty of space for that dream alfresco, not to mention the perfect play area for the kids and dog.

Tip: If you need to have more than three bedrooms, it is best to opt for a two-storey home.

  1. Open Plan Living

The most important design concept for building on a narrow block is open plan living. Make your living space inviting by opening up and integrating your outdoor living. This helps optimise the flow of the house and invites natural light in, leaving any home with a warm and inviting ambience.

Tip: Ensure you use glass sliding doors and large windows to elevate the natural light intake.

  1. Let there be light

It is important to amplify your natural light intake by considering the orientation of your block. You want to engage with the best angles of the home, especially the north-facing side, by implementing skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows.

It comes as no surprise that natural light can transform any narrow home from feeling confined

and dull into one that has a welcoming atmosphere. Don’t make the same mistake as many before you have – leverage the use of glass doors and windows to immediately integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces. Large windows trick the eye into believing that there is more space than there actually is!

Tip: Mirrors help reflect natural light and turn those dark corners into a prime position for plants.

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